Supplemental Plans

Be ready to handle what comes your way

Supplemental health insurance is an extra or additional insurance that can help pay out-of-pocket expenses such as copayments, deductibles that your primary health insurance does not cover.  It is paid directly to you the patient for qualifying events.  The funds can also be used to pay your bills or other responsibilities due to being out of work.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance provides cash benefits for common services or conditions related to a covered injury.

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Critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance helps you pay everyday living expenses when a major illness is diagnosed.

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Hospital confinement

Hospital confinement supplemental insurance helps you pay everyday living expenses and unexpected medical costs when you are in the hospital.

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Cancer Insurance

Supplemental cancer insurance helps you pay everyday living expenses when you are diagnosed with cancer.

Why choose supplemental insurance coverage?

Finding the right coverage for you

Although each type of supplemental health insurance its own unique features and benefits, they all focus on providing peace of mind when the unexpected occurs. By working with Buckeye Financial, LLC, you’ll be able to select the policy that best meets your individual needs, budget and financial goals.