Medicare Rebate Prescription For Change

These prescription prices have been out of control.  A Medicare Rebate from a financial and health standpoint could be a matter of life or death.  No one should have their basic human rights compromised.  Imagine life without a Medicare Rebate here or there.

Imagine your grandparents, George and Susan, struggling to afford the medications they need to maintain their health. Like many seniors, they’re on a fixed income and must choose between paying for medications or other necessities. Thankfully, change is on the horizon.

Pfizer recently agreed to pay Medicare rebates for five of its drugs as part of the Biden administration’s plan to lower prescription drug costs. This groundbreaking decision aims to make medications more affordable and accessible for all Americans, especially seniors.


The 5 Drugs are the following:

  1. Fragmin: A blood thinner approved by the FDA in 1994
  2. Atgam: A medicine used to treat symptoms of Renal Allograft and Aplastic Anemia
  3. Nipent: A chemotherapy injection
  4. Bicillin L-A: An antibacterial drug used for treating syphilis and upper respiratory infections
  5. Bicillin C-R: Another antibacterial drug used for treating syphilis and upper respiratory infections


Out-of-pocket expenses for these drugs may decrease for seniors, ranging from $2 to $390 per average dose. Factors like treatment protocol and supplemental insurance coverage determine the savings for Medicare beneficiaries.

These rebates cover a range of drugs used to treat various conditions, from cancer to cardiovascular diseases. With lower out-of-pocket expenses, Medicare beneficiaries like George and Susan can now access the medications they need without breaking the bank.

The Biden administration’s plan emphasizes transparency in drug pricing, lower medication costs through negotiation, and increased competition among pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer’s agreement marks a significant step towards achieving these objectives, benefitting countless Americans.

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